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Smokeless Smudging Spray - Home Fragrance - Valhalla Soap Co.

Smokeless Smudging Spray

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A great alternative when burning a traditional smudge wand or incense isn't possible. Perfect for the office, store, car or your own body. Our "smokeless" smudge spray is loved by those with allergies or sensitivities to smoke. Formulated with only the essences of traditional plants for dispelling negative energy or "lightening" the air. Made with the same organic ingredients as our Aroma and Body Mists so it's completely body safe. 

4 oz

    •    Create a specific mood or atmosphere
    •    Purify & Cleanse your space
    •    Remove negative energy
    •    Direct a specific Intention

• Smokeless - no smoky incense or burning herbs to deal with
• Portable - take it anywhere
• Body Safe
• Organic