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General Catalog Scent List

Valhalla Soap Company

General Catalog Scent Descriptions

Please take notice of the changes (noted in red) made to some of the scents. They are still the same scent blends. Only the names have been changed.

540 Doors - VO

Light and ethereal ozone notes of green florals and mosses, woodsy fir and balsam, spruce, teakwood and fresh cut cedar mingle with a rich, earthy base of amber, musk, patchouli and Mysore sandalwood.

7 Sins From Sunday - VO

A sinfully sexy blend of jasmine and lavender tangled around exotic amber,vanilla and sandalwood with a whisper of earthy patchouli. Finishing with sweet lingering notes of dark cocoa bean. One whiff and you'll feel so wicked you’ll need to go to church! On the flip side, this can also be a very relaxing blend for and some find using it before bed has a calming effect helping them to fall asleep with ease. Try it in a bit of lotion or some perfume on your pulse points before bed for a blissful night’s sleep.

Altar Smoke - See Vikingr

Birthday Cake - WAX ONLY

Black Brew -
 Also available in Wax

Pure unadulterated, rich, dark roasted coffee bean with the very slightest whisper of chocolate. Perfect for the coffee addict.

Black Raspberry Vanilla - Also available in Wax

Bright citrus top notes create lift for this fruit delight. Lush black raspberry is accented with crisp green tones and hints of wild rose for a rich fragrance signature. A base of clear musk intertwines with soft wood for a lasting impression.

Blackberry Sage - WAX ONLY

Fresh herbaceous notes of sage, rosemary and mint entwine juicy ripe blackberries.

Campfire Lies - See Ragnarok

Cedarwood & Sage -

Russian sage blends with Canadian fir needle and cedarleaf. Rounding out with Texas cedarwood, oakmoss, balsam fir, and fresh cut hay.

Cherry Cobbler - VO - Also available in Wax

Notes of dark sweet cherry, violet, sweet coumarin, pink raspberry, light brown sugar, cotton candy, sensual musk, and a hint of French crème and tonka bean.

Cherry Tobacco -

A unique blend of rich tobacco leaf, cognac, cherry and vanilla. A nostalgic favorite.

Crone Magick - VO

A deep, dark and gorgeous blend of frankincense, myrrh, amber and sandalwood. All your favorite resins come together for a perfect witchy woman blend. Did we mention that it smells AMAZING on men as well.

Dragon Slayer - See Eye of the Seer

Elf Cakes - Also available in Wax

Made from scratch by Mrs. Klaus warm, right out of the oven, soft and covered with sprinkles, Elf Cakes! Most call them cookies. But at the North Pole they call them Elf Cakes because they smell so amazing they must be magickal ;)

Eye of the Seer - (Formerly Dragon Slayer)

A mysterious blend of myrrh, dragons blood and patchouli; with floral notes of rose and jasmine, on an earthy base of woodsy musk.

Fairy Liquor - See Fairy Ring

Fairy Ring - (Formerly Fairy Liquor) Also available in Wax

A medley of ruptured sweet berry Beltane bliss! Juicy apple bits and fully fragrant orange blossoms combined with tart cranberries, mulberries and blackberries. Joining in the fruity explosion is a juicy strawberry puree dancing on a base of sweet vanilla spun sugar.

Fearless - See Tyr the Fearless

Frankincense -

An oriental, woodsy fragrance that is sweet, herbaceous and reminiscent of fresh incense.

Green Man - 

Earthy, and woody, sensual with hints of musk and amber. A very unique outdoorsy scent. Reminiscent of a walk in the deep woods when the sun has warmed all the tree saps and witches moss.

Green Witch - See Huginn & Muninn

Goddess - VO

A beautiful, feminine blend of airy citrus, celestial florals and heavy musk notes harmonize with a concert of jasmine, lavender, patchouli, sandalwood and rich, warm amber for a Divine combination that will make you feel like the Goddess you were born to be!

Huginn & Muninn - VO (Formerly Green Witch)

Sweet and earthy. Bright, bubbly citrus notes combine with clean, green herbals, and earthy florals grounded with a smidge of forest floor.

Immortal Warrior - VO

Clean, fresh top notes of peaches, melon and apple to ensure youth. An herbaceous and woody heart of aloe, night-blooming jasmine, juniper and heliotrope stimulate and revitalize the psyche while helping to fight fatigue. Rounded out with soft bottom notes of musk, vanilla and amber to promote immortality. 
Valhalla Awaits!!

Kattegat Bay -
 Also available in Wax

Bergamot, sea salt, beach sage, eucalyptus, jasmine and lavender on a base of sea grass, driftwood, white cedar, amber and rosewood. Don't let the jasmine in this blend scare you off. You would be hard pressed to notice that it's even there. It's mostly used as an anchor for some of the more flighty notes. Bottom line, this is a great ozoney, clean, fresh scent reminiscent of a beach walk on a misty, foggy day.

Lavender -

This 100% natural essential oil has a floral, herbaceous scent that is fresh and light with a balsamic woody undertone.

Lavender Sage -
 Also available in Wax

A unique balance of French lavender, bergamot, and herbal clarey sage with a slight hint of eucalyptus. Clean and refreshing. Heavy on the sage, while lighter on the other notes.

Leather & Lace - VO

A deep, dark musky leather, softened just a tad with our own hand blended rich, boozy vanilla. It's the sexiest (and most comfortable) leather you'll ever wear.

Lingonberries & Cream - VO

Lingonberries a cousin to the cranberry grows wild in Scandinavia and are one of their staple foods. They are found in everything you can imagine; milk, bread, cheese, yogurt, coffee, you make it. So it seemed only natural that we add some to our catalog as well. Our in house blend is a combination of tart lingonberries, juicy peaches, bright grapefruit, warm creamy milk, and rich vanilla.

Lemonade Marshmallow - VO

Natural essential oils of California lemon, citronella and lemongrass are combined with lemon zest, orange, and delicate jasmine blossoms and rounded out with sweet, sticky marshmallow, white vanilla, and woody sandalwood.

Masala Chai Tea - WAX ONLY

Who doesn't love to wrap their fingers around a steaming cup of Masala Chai Tea on a crisp fall morning? This unique blend has all the familiar notes of light citrus peel, combined with clove buds and cinnamon sticks swirled into a sweet creamy vanilla background.

Middle Earth - See Yggdrasil

Mirkwood -
 Also available in Wax

Myrkviðr - Old Norse, meaning "murky wood, dark wood" or "black forest". Silver birch leaves, Clementine peel and crisp ozonic notes are followed by pine cone accords and white geraniums with a dry down of vetiver, sandalwood, and sequoia woods.

Naken -

Old Norse for Naked.
Unabashedly naked, nude, bare, au' natural. Totally unscented.

Nag Champa - WAX ONLY
What can we say, it's a dead on dupe of the well loved Indian incense known world wide. Earthy blend of champ flowers, amber, patchouli, spices, sandalwood and florals. Namaste'

Norseman - VO - Also available in Wax

Our very first hand blended Valhalla Original scent. This rugged, all natural and adventurous blend of Balsam Fir, Juniper, Cedar, Clove and Blood Orange has been in our #1 Best Seller since the day it was introduced over a decade ago.

Oak, Ash & Thorne - Also available in Wax

Delight your senses with a mystical blend of barrel aged Bourbon Vanilla, embodied by ancient cedarwood resin and dark Indonesian patchouli, softened by rich, warm amber and a touch of exotic sandalwood.

Oatmeal, Milk & Honey -

A comforting blend of creamy milk, sweetened with a touch of honey and topped with soothing oatmeal.

Persian Pear - Also available in Wax

Sun-ripened Anjou pears and tart Lady apples lightly sprinkled with coconut, vanilla bean and sunshine. With a magickal, champagne like note that you can almost see the fizzy bubbles if you close your eyes. Truly THE best pear we have ever found.

Pistachio Dream Cake - WAX ONLY

The tantalizing aroma of this home-baked delight releases with fresh nutty cake-like top notes; followed by a creamy, buttery spice middle; and finishes with a sweet vanilla and sugar base note.

Ragnarok - (Formerly Campfire Lies) Also available in Wax

A blend containing natural oils of clove, fir balsam, fir needle, frankincense, cedar moss, and elemi.

Rune Caster - VO

Sweet notes of cotton candy and caramel drizzled over heady florals of rose, jasmine, sweet heliotrope and geranium with resinous juniper and amber on a heavy base of vanilla, sandalwood and patchouli.

Sea Swept - WAX ONLY
Like a walk on the beach during a light spring rain. A woody oceanic and mossy blend with top notes of bergamot, a heart of Jasmine, orchid and violet, coming to rest on a bed of woodsy cedarwood, calming patchouli, rich vanilla, warm sandalwood and white musk.

Sandalwood -

We're very snobbish when it comes to certain fragrances, and Sandalwood is one of them. We'll only use the best! However, due to it's endangered status, we refuse to perpetuate the rapid decline of the precious few Sandalwood forests that remain in India. Therefore it has taken years of testing to finally find one that passed our picky nose test. This Sandalwood is as close as you can get to the scent of natural Sandalwood. It has a beautifully warm woody heart and those gorgeous musky oriental notes that give true sandalwood the depth that we are so addicted to.

Skull Splitter - VO

This manly custom blend is rugged like a warrior with notes of wood smoke, sea moss, sandalwood, hedges and incense. Everything one would imagine an axe wielding warrior to be.

Strawberry Musk - WAX ONLY

Truly swoon-worthy! This heady, sweet, rich and totally irresistible scent will win over even the most avid musk haters. The perfect boudoir melt.

Tea Break Escape - WAX ONLY

A fantastical blend of Earl Grey tea leaves, black teas, chamomile, shaved ginger root, dried pears, crisp oranges and apples, cinnamon sticks, nutmegs, cloves, anise, vanilla, cognac, jasmine, rose, lavender and geranium. It's what I would imagine my fantasy tea shop would smell like. And it's magikal signature tea would have the power to transport me to imaginary realms. *sigh*

The Ritual - VO - (Formerly Pendragon's Passion) Also available in Wax

Deep, sultry and fiery notes of dragon's blood slither around warm amber and sweet blood orange while resting on an earthen floor of dark patchouli. Many customers report aphrodisiac results from this unique in house blend!

Tyr the Fearless - VO (Formerly Fearless)

He is rugged and strong with an air of mystery like the earthy, mystical cedar forests. He is ancient and timeless like sultry amber resin and spices he carries as an offering to the gods. He smells of wild rose and bergamot, malty caramel and nutty hops, green grass and rich earth. Viking blood courses through his veins. He is tenacious, resilient. He is FEARLESS!

Vanilla Luxe - VO
 - Also available in Wax

Dark and mysterious our Vanilla Luxe is unlike any you've ever experienced. Smokey notes of vanilla- tobacco, aged oak barrels filled with bourbon, bulging trade sacks of rare frankincense, spicy pepper and tangy bergamot. Grass baskets spilling over with Bulgarian roses and ylang ylang. Decadence for your 
skin and your senses.

Valkyrie - VO

Brandy drizzled on warm peaches and black currents spooned over nutty pralines, brown sugar, and vanilla cream. Topped with delicate sugared violets.

Vikingr - VO (Formerly Altar Smoke)

Very sexy and oh so irresistible!! Ancient amber and precious myrrh entangled with hints of relaxing spikenard and spicy clove leaf, rise from a base of sweet vanilla, earthy patchouli, exotic sandalwood and sultry musk.

Viktory - VO

You can almost taste it...the smell is so thick. You close your eyes and smell the aroma of sap from the surrounding Cedar and Fir forests. Dragon's Blood worn for protection warms from your body heat and releases it's rich, exotic scent. The smoke of pillaging fires still hangs in the air. You breathe deeply and inhale the sweet smell of Viktory!! And tonight you shall feast from the plunder!!

White Witch - WAX ONLY

She stirs her philter deosil with lemon, lime and orange. Purest grapefruit for sweetness, topped with jasmine for love. And harm none do as ye will, bring purest love to thee. Wear this potion according to thine will, So mote it be.

Wild Mountain Honey - WAX ONLY

Raw honey, orange blossom, and exotic ylang blend with mountain florals and vanilla to create this smooth and sweet honey fragrance.

Yggdrasil - VO (pronounced Eeeg-drah-sill) (Formerly Middle Earth)

This blend opens with watery notes of watercress, green lily, fresh-cut grass, petitgrain and galbanum that flow sweetly into a floral-herbal, green center of yellow rose, cyclamen, green melon and grapefruit. Coming to rest peacefully on a bed of olibanum,patchouli, sandalwood, and Virginia cedar wood, along with rich musk and Madagascar vanilla.

Updated 6/15/19