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Top Selling Summer Scents

Are you still on the fence over which of our yummy summer scents you want to try? Valhalla Original blends take home the prize this year. Here's a short list of the top sellers to give you a few ideas.

Southern Peaches & Sweet Tea - This was a customer request. We searched for it and came up empty so we blended ourselves. And oh my! This is really a keeper!  

Red, White & Blueberry - Another Valhalla original blend, this one is like the best summer dessert cake EVER! And it serves a special purpose. Read THIS Blog post to find out more.  

Sand Dunes & Sweetgrass - This favorite from last year is again in the top 3 list. Warm, earthy (grassy not dirty) and comforting is the best way to describe SD&S.

Love Shack - Named after a favorite B-52's song, Love Shack shines year after year.   

You can find the full descriptions for all these and more HERE.