CLOSED FOR BUSINESS!! All outstanding orders have been shipped. Thanks for 22 AMAZING years!!

October 31st Update

So I posted an update last week but for whatever reasons FB ate it. Hope it gave FB heartburn! 
I know a few of you have gotten emails asking for reviews and you still haven't gotten your order. I apologize for that. I really did not anticipate the volume of orders that we received in the first week of our closing announcement. Nor the size that those orders would be. Just as an example, it took me a solid week just to make the wax and bath melts for ONE order. 😲 So given the circumstances, our normal turn around times are not going to apply in this situation. Orders are fulfilled chronologically in the order that they were placed. And if you placed an order for a custom soap loaf, your order could take 6 or more weeks on a noramls basis. Now it could be even longer.

That said, please understand and be patient. It's just me running things. Plus doing the other daily chores involved here at the ranch. I appreciate the huge orders. And am quite overwhelmed by the response. But I'm working as fast as I can. Putting in as many hours as I can without throwing myself into another Fibro flare which would only delay things worse. And I've had to reorder and replenish supplies twice already. And that also takes time. 

From the looks of things, I may possibly close sooner that expected. Mostly because I'm running low on essential raw materials that can only be ordered in bulk. And I don't want to have them sitting around unused after closing due to shelf life issues. I'm already out of wax and ALL wax melts are officially Out of Stock. The same goes for Bubbling Bath Melts and most Bar Soaps.

So that about covers all of it. Once again, huge thanks for the outpouring of love, support and private emails/messages we have recieved. It has helps make this transition in our life a little easier. xxx