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General Catalog Scent List

If you don't find a scent listed here or in any of the drop down menus within the product listings, then it's safe to assume that it's either been discontinued, retired, or moved to a seasonal only list. If you wish to order retired or seasonal scents, you will find this info on our FAQ's page.

A sinfully sexy blend of jasmine and lavender tangled around exotic amber,vanilla and sandalwood with a whisper of earthy patchouli. Finishing with sweet lingering notes of dark cocoa bean. One whiff and you'll feel so wicked you’ll need to go to church! On the flip side, this can also be a very relaxing blend for and some find using it before bed has a calming effect helping them to fall asleep with ease. Try it in a bit of lotion or some perfume on your pulse points before bed for a blissful night’s sleep.

540 DOORS – VO
Light and ethereal ozone notes of green florals and mosses, woodsy fir and balsam, spruce, teakwood and fresh cut cedar mingle with a rich, earthy base of amber, musk, patchouli and Mysore sandalwood.

Very sexy and oh so irresistible!! Ancient amber and precious myrrh entangled with hints of relaxing spikenard and spicy clove leaf, rise from a base of sweet vanilla, earthy patchouli, exotic sandalwood and sultry musk.

Warm and intense with magnificent velvety vanilla depths swirled around mysterious spices. The dry down lingers on the skin with a powdery, sweet sensuous intensity. This is a unique, mysterious, and utterly captivating scent- reminiscent of knights, dragons and a bygone medieval age.

A deep, dark yet gorgeous blend of frankincense, myrrh, amber and sandalwood.

A mysterious blend of myrrh, dragons blood and patchouli; with floral notes of rose and jasmine, on an earthy base of woodsy musk.

"There's a war on Nature and we can all choose what to do...I'm a warrior, Earth warrior, True-born Pagan...I'm a Warrior, Nature Soldier, Fightin' for the earth..." -Omnia

Green top notes of feathery forest ferns and delicate white cyclamen. Middle notes of fruity heliotrope, summer fruit, spicy geranium, wild violets and jasmine. Anchored in an earthy base of dark patchouli, incense, white musk, vanilla and sandalwood.

She's peaches and oranges, sweet cream and amber, with wild violets and a hint of musk in her sunny golden hair. Her lips taste like spun vanilla sugar with a kiss as sweet as honey. Dare to take a shower with the Farmer's Daughter?

He is rugged and strong with an air of mystery like the earthy, mystical cedar forests. He is ancient and timeless like sultry amber resin and spices he carries as an offering to the gods. He smells of wild rose and bergamot, malty caramel and nutty hops, green grass and rich earth. Viking blood courses through his veins. He is tenacious, resilient…He is FEARLESS!

The Gallowglass were warrior hunks of the Norse-Gaelic clans of Scotland. They were the elite of the warriors. Our inspired blend opens with the sweet-spicy notes of lemon verbena rolling into green leaves of iris and violet coming to rest on a sexy bed of Mysore sandalwood and ambergris. If only every man could smell like this.

Sweet and earthy. Bright, bubbly citrus notes combine with clean and green herbals, earthy florals and grounded with a smidge of forest floor. This effervescent bit of magick will have you longing to get outdoors and conjure some green, earthy magick of your own.

The scent of crushed patchouli leaves with a hint of neroli, sandalwood and woods entangled in agave nectar & orange blossoms. This is a sweet patchouli fragrance that pleases even those that don't care for patchouli.

It's a total mystery how this zesty lemon blend goes from all in your face to secret seductive before the all Seeing Eye can even blink. An uplifting blend of lemongrass, white vanilla, and woody sandalwood are melded with lemon zest, orange, and delicate jasmine blossom. You'll want to get this one in a me.

Clean & fresh top notes of peaches, melon and apple to ensure youth. And herbaceous and woody heart of aloe, night-blooming jasmine, juniper & heliotrope to stimulate & revitalize the psyche and fight fatigue. With soft bottom notes of musk, vanilla and amber to promote immortality.

- In the Edda, an old Scandinavian Saga, Iduna kept apples that the Gods would eat to ensure their eternal youth.

A unique balance of French lavender, bergamot, and herbal clarey sage with a slight hint of eucalyptus. Clean and refreshing. Heavy on the sage, while lighter on the other notes.

A rugged, all natural and adventurous blend of Balsam Fir, Juniper, Cedar, Clove and Blood Orange. Our #1 Best Seller five years running.

Delight your senses with a mystical blend of barrel aged Bourbon Vanilla, embodied by ancient cedarwood resin and dark Indonesian patchouli, softened by rich, warm amber and a touch of exotic sandalwood.

Deep, sultry and fiery notes of dragon's blood slither around warm amber and sweet blood orange while resting on an earthen floor of dark patchouli. Many customers report aphrodisiac results from this unique in house blend!

Sun-ripened Anjou pears and tart Lady apples lightly sprinkled with coconut, vanilla bean and sunshine. With a magickal, champagne like note that you can almost see the fizzy bubbles if you close your eyes. Truly THE best pear we have ever found.

Bright, perky citrus notes of bergamot and pomegranate, combined with sweet, fruity florals, jasmine, Bulgarian rose and cannabis flower on a base of rich vanilla bean, dark chocolate, white musk, oolong tea and faint woodsy patchouli. At first it's sweet, then it's sexy with it's "hide & go seek" earthy and woodsy undertones…'s like crack for Pixies!!

Inspired by the archaeological dig in Birka, Sweden and the legend of the "Red Girl". Birka was one of the two largest trading settlements of the Viking age. Known today as the discovery site of the "Birka Warrior Woman" grave site. Could she be the "Red Girl" of legend who commanded and entire viking fleet of her own? You'll have to be the judge.
Our inspirational fragrance is an Oriental Floral Amber that opens with green notes of Mandarin Leaf and Orange Blossom flowing into a heart of heady night-blooming Jasmine, Bulgarian Rose and Vetiver. The base has rich, sensual notes of Sandalwood, Bourbon Vanilla, Amber, Labdanum and Tonka Bean. Though we named this after a woman, this scent blend is very unisex and will easily appeal to both sexes.

RUNE CASTER – VO (A collaborative blend formulated by Valhalla Soap Co. & Bitten By Books )
Sweet notes of cotton candy and caramel drizzled over heady florals of rose, jasmine, sweet heliotrope and geranium with resinous juniper and amber on a heavy base of vanilla, sandalwood and patchouli.

SHIELDMAIDEN – VO (Inspired by Lagertha, the character from the History Channel's Vikings series) A feminine yet rustic blend of citrus and florals on a woody background. Top notes of orange, and watery greens with a middle of jasmine and rose on a bed of juniper, patchouli and vanilla.

This manly custom blend is rugged like a warrior with notes of wood smoke, sea moss, sandalwood, hedges and incense. Everything one would imagine a Viking warrior to be.

A complex blend of fresh green aldehydes, and fruity florals on a warm rich base of Vanilla, Sugar Cane and Coconut. This is a bright, happy, almost effervescent blend that we are just SO HAPPY to be adding to our General Catalog :)

Dark and mysterious our Vanilla Luxe is unlike any you've ever experienced. Smokey notes of vanilla-tobacco, aged oak barrels filled with bourbon, bulging trade sacks of rare frankincense, spicy pepper and tangy bergamot. Grass baskets spilling over with Bulgarian roses and ylang ylang. Decadence for your skin and your senses.

You can almost taste it...the smell is so thick. You close your eyes and smell the aroma of sap from the surrounding Cedar and Fir forests. Dragon's Blood worn for protection warms from your body heat and releases it's rich, exotic scent. The smoke of pillaging fires still hangs in the air. You breathe deeply and inhale the sweet smell of Viktory!! And tonight you shall feast from the plunder!!

She stirs her philter deosil with lemon, lime and orange. Purest grapefruit for sweetness, topped with jasmine for love. And harm none do as ye will, bring purest love to thee. Wear this potion according to thine will, So mote it be.

All natural Anise and Lavender combine equally to create a very earthy, Gothic scent. Both scents are rooted firmly in the element of Air, making them very good for any kind of emotional, mental or psychic work.

Top notes of Orange to help purify the spirit. Middle notes of Basil to promote peace, happiness and stimulate the conscious mind. Base notes of Amber, patchouli & Sandalwood to aide in meditation, help attune to your spiritual self and banish negativity.

Last Updated May 21, 2018