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Q: Can I combine an order I placed today with my order from three weeks ago and shipped them together to save on shipping?

A: Yes. If the order have been placed within 7 days of the original order. Example: Order #001 was placed on Jan 1 so each or after MUST be placed by Jan. 7th in order to be combined with the Jan. 1 order.

Q: Does your wax require a cure period?

A: Yes. We do our best to have all our General Catalog wax pre-poured and in stock. However, we move a large volume of wax orders out preventing it from sitting on the shelf for very long. That said, we recommend curing for a minimum of 3 days after you receive your order. Like cold process soap, longer is better and if you can cure for 3-4 weeks in a cool dark place that would be ideal.

Q: What kind of warmer should I use for your wax?

A: Any UL Approved electric or tea light warmer will work. However, many of our fragrances are our own custom blends and they are heavier in resins than most which can sometimes require a higher melting point. We find that higher wattage bulbs or a tea light melter works best. Please take this into consideration BEFORE you purchase.

Q: What kind of wax do you use?

A: We use our own proprietary blend of U.S. grown organic 100% soy wax.

Q: I forgot to log in before I placed my order and I didn't get my Plunder Points. Can you add my order to my account and adjust my Plunder Points?

A: Here is a downloadable PDF with everything you ever wanted to know about our awesome Plunder Points Program. 

Q: Is there any way that I can get a shipping estimate before I order?

A: Yes. We use Flat Rate Shipping. Prices are listed on our Shipping & Policies Page.

Q: I have multiple orders that were all placed within 7 days of each other and was told that they would be combined and I would be refunded the excess shipping. When can I expect to see my refund?

A: All shipping refunds are posted within a week of your order shipping. So if your order ships on a Monday, you can expect to see your shipping refund no later than Sunday of that same week.

 Q: Why do you have Amazon banners on some of your website pages?

        A: We are both disabled due to work related injuries. We live on a single, small, fixed disability income which does not come close to meeting our basic living expenses. In addition to the small amount that we net from Valhalla Soap Co., we are Affiliate/Associates with a few companies whose products we use on a regular basis. By using our affiliate links to shop at these companies, we earn a small referral revenue at no cost to you. Though small, this helps supplement our income. Every penny helps. And it allows us to keep our prices affordable for everyone. We are most grateful for your support.  

 Q: Some item/s were missing from my order. What should It do? How can I get them or a refund?

        A:We apologize that your order arrived incomplete. We have a stringent system in place to assure that all the items you ordered make it into your shipping box. But we understand that sometime gremlins can create trouble. If you are missing anything please contact us immediately BEFORE using anything and let us know what item/s are missing. We will then check our records, evaluate the issue and get back to you with a resolution. If we still have the item/s in stock, we will send them out to you ASAP. If the item/s have gone out of stock, we will credit your Valhalla Soap Co. store account for the dollar amount of item/s. WE DO NOT ISSUE REFUNDS FOR MISSING ITEM/S 

Q: My favorite scent has been retired (or is out of season, etc.). I can't live without it! Is there any way possible that I can still order it?

      A:Absolutely! We are and always will be a "custom" shop. That said, it does take extra time to search for and pull NON General Catalog and Seasonal scents out of storage in order to fulfill custom requests. Therefore it is necessary for us to charge a small surcharge of $5.00. Orders with 5+ products in the requested scent or orders over $55 in the requested scent will have the surcharge waived.