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FALL - Aromatic Body Oils


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Product Description

Blends of the finest most exquisite oils. Our blends are a marriage of essential and fragrance oils, absolutes, and attars in a base of long lasting, shelf stable organic jojoba oil. And aged to perfection. A few you will recognize but most are our own one of a kind hand blended unique, and custom blends you won't find anywhere else. Try layering scents for a unique blend all your own. Or try our Pixie Vials if you just want to sample a scent. They'll give you enough for several uses so you can get a good idea of how the scent works with your own body chemistry. 

Available in Mini 5 ml Roll-On and 1.8 ml Pixie vial

*Nut Free *Alcohol Free *Phthalate Free *Paraben Free *Mineral Oil Free

Ingredients: Organic Jojoba, Fragrance.


Imagine day's gone by, a simpler time. Fall is in the air, the Village is bustling with the activities of Fallfest preparations. The
bone fires are burning. An ol' Viking relaxes in his favorite chair after a long day. The scent of pumpkin and spice drifts into
the room half lit by candlelight and the glow of night settling in. The hearth glows warm with the coals from the days fire
warming the bones. In this perfect moment, he raises his head and gives a nod of gratefulness to the All Father for his
home, his Queen, the warmth, the aroma, the harvest, and the protection of his ancestors.

Weathered mahogany, leather cracked and worn with age, parchment pages stained by incense and herbs, offerings of
honey and exotic spices. Listen closely can you hear the faint chanting of wise women from generations of past? Isis,
Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Demeter, Kali, Inanna ...

Polly Good Witch's garden grows the most amazing things regardless of the season! Juicy peaches, sweet apricots and
mandarins in the middle of winter. Huge blackberries and fragrant roses all year round. The front walk lined with exotic
cinnamon shrubs. All surrounded by the forest with it's moss covered trees and and its woodsy, warm musk scent. Anyone
is welcome to visit and partake of Polly's garden. But take heed and stay clear of the Herb Garden in the back corner with
it's nightshade and belladonna. For even a Good Witch has her dark side.

Apples baking over a secluded fire of pine and cedar, smoky sandalwood, and musk. Dark and mysterious amber,
frankincense and myrrh make up it's heart. With subtle yet deceptive hints of toffee, roasted marshmallows, brown sugar,
coconut and vanilla risingup on wispy tendrils of white smoke. This is a Valhalla exclisve in house blend.

Sweet pumpkin and spice blend with a creamy topping of peaches, coconut, sparkling bergamot, sweet orange, and crisp
apple; followed by rich, golden honey, buttermilk, toffee bits, and soft white musk.

Juicy summer blackberries and green herbal sage wind around spicy cinnamon and clove coming to rest on a woodsy base
of earthy patchouli and rich vanilla.

Knights in shining armor, funnel cakes, market row, caramel apples, jousting, kettle corn, kilted Clans, pumpkin catapulting,
bustled ladies, misty fall mornings, hot mulled cider.

Sweet pumpkin, warm cinnamon and ginger, ground nutmeg, barrel aged rum enfolded in rich, sultry sandalwood.

Sweet pumpkin blended with spicy cinnamon and allspice, green middle notes of lavender and herbs on a base of wood
smoke and musk.

Fruity berries and cherries beguile you as citrusy lime and orange sink their teeth in, infusing you with their giddy
effervescence. Sultry undertones of rich bourbon vanilla lingering on your skin. Leaving you feeling light headed and
craving more.

This is pure autumn bliss! Delight in this fall treat creamy vanilla, fluffy marshmallows and spicy notes of pumpkin pie.

Her hands hover over the board, Magick is in the air! Tis October 31...Samhain. The room is aglow with candlelight. Amber,
sandalwood, and vanilla waft thru the room. The sweet accents of currents, and elderberries mixed with nutmeg and lemon
leftover from canning still linger. She conjurs...just a wee bit more. Wait, what's that? Jasmine? Smoke? The Magick is
working! Incense and copal drift by...a whisper of mushrooms, raw earth, bits of teakwood, moss, and cedar from Mother
Gaia. And they come...awakened, drifting through the viel...

Citrus, apple, fig, green leaves, toffee, caramel, woods, milk, resins, musk, vetiver.

A sensual blend that opens with a citrusy orange zest and raspberry cassis top-note, followed by a floral heart of rose,
jasmine, muguet entwined with spicy dried tobacco leaf, jamaican nutmeg, ginger and freshly ground cinnamon then
balanced with clove, velvety vanilla musk, patchouli and sandalwood.

A fun blend of early fall fruit, salty sweet kettle corn and earthy autumn winds.

All of the above will be available in Aromatic Oils, Bath Melts, Organic Body Sprays, Sif's Hair Detangler, Fuzz Juice, Lotions
& Creams, Body Whips, "Real Deal" Whipped Soap, Gourmet Coffee Scrub, and Sugar & Cream Layered Scrub. Due to
time constraints this year, we cannot promise that we will be able to offer bar soap for any of the fall line. Sorry :(

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